So Deep and Serious

Hahaha.  I wrote out the title, and for a quick second thought, “Do you have something constructive to say about this?”  I’m not sure, but we shall soon see.

I was somewhere – listening to someone play their music live – while everyone else around was eating lunch.  (I know – vague, but then you can’t know the where or who in the story.  I didn’t even tweet or update today where I had lunch).

As this person was talking about their next song, they shared about the struggle of life and how we all have stuff that we’re dealing with.

Now – maybe I was just having a great day or excited to have lunch with my wife, but I wasn’t ready to have someone serenade a Deep and Serious song about life’s woes.  I thought, “Why do artists feel like they need to write about things that are So Deep and Serious?”  I wanted to have a bad attitude, but she play and sang beautifully.

There are a few reasons for why artists love the stuff that So Deep and Serious.  I’ll come up with a few that I thought could be reasons why.

– Some of the best art comes from pain.  Tormented artists can mean beautiful art.

– We all really do struggle with stuff – sometimes.  Artists can make money off of us because we relate to the pain or emotion of the song.

– Somehow Deep and Serious is somewhat better.  We like better so we go with Deep and Serious.

I’ll stop there.  I can probably write a hundred reasons for why —- but that would be So Deep and Serious.

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