When I Say “ish”

……..what I am doing is not taking responsibility for what ever it is that I am saying.
– I’ll be there at 10ish
– It will be warmish
– It’s kinda close-ish

If you live in southern California, you can sometimes blame the traffic to you get you there in time-ish. A friend pointed out that I had said it a few times in a post and it made me think about why I say it. I came to the conclusion that It’s a way to approximate, but then also relieve yourself of your word.

It’s definitely a personality thing – I don’t want any pilot or engineer to be okay with close enough-ish. They need to be precise.

I will watch how I use the word ish. Do you use the word-ish?


5 thoughts on “When I Say “ish”

  1. Well put and well defined, my friend! Haha…I totally agree (not kinda agree-ish) that it’s a term we all use to “approximate” but not to totally commit. Good night…I guess this ISH the end…=)

  2. Good post! It’s funny, I also thought of the “kinda…”, as Lani Pagmanua wrote in his comment.
    In Hebrew teens (well, mostly teens) used to add “kinda” in front of almost anything. I used to ask in response – “plastic or for real?” It sounds better in Hebrew…

    When I learned to be a medic, we had to do extremely well on everything. Anyone who couldn’t stand the pressure didn’t make it. They didn’t want someone who has a certificate for CPR-ish…

    As I said, good point! You really write well. I’m still ish… :))

    1. Thanks for the comment. Thanks for reading. I appreciate it very much.
      It’s just random ideas, and It’s great when others can relate. Do you have a blog?

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