The William Shatner Voice

Have you ever heard anyone do the William Shatner voice – without even knowing it?  I guess it’s how people talk when they are trying to make a point.  They do that dramatic pause that Shatner does.  It works for Shatner.  As you’re reading this, you’re saying some lines in your head in your William Shatner voice – in – his – way.

Do you use that voice?  Do you have a voice that you use?  Have you ever thought about the way that your voice sounds and the way that you use pauses to make a point?

Yeah, neither have I.  I don’t know that I use the Shatner voice.  I get to talk a lot.  I get to use my voice for a living, but I’ve never thought about whether I go Shatner-esque or not.  I’m going to try and listen for it this week when I teach.

If you have thought about your voice like this – let me know.  Give me some insights into the stuff that I need to pay attention to.

3 thoughts on “The William Shatner Voice

  1. Over the years I’ve noticed monotone speakers, and that I have a tendency to be monotone myself. Having taken many speech “classes”, and read about it as well, I am conscious of this and purposely alter my pitch and tone to try to sound more interesting. I believe I am successful sounding more interesting / animated, but I don’t enjoy public speaking. After all these years of learning about the thing I feared when I was younger — speaking in front of folks — I feel comfortable doing it now, but am comfortable with myself, my identity to not seek such opportunities. I’d much rather spend the time speaking informally with a handful of people and leave the public speaking to those who 1. like it, 2. don’t like it but are going thru the same journey I did.

    btw, love capt kirk and his model of leadership on the old show, tho I’m not a trekkie. hehehe

    1. That’s is awesome. Dude, if you’re ever in San Diego, you need to come give a talk in my class – i teach a few leadership courses. You’d be awesome doing that.

      It’s crazy that speaking in public is the thing that many people fear most. Of course, I get to talk for a living so I don’t mind.
      Thanks for reading and the input. I realize that my problem is that I am usually more excited about the information than my students so no amount of Shatnering could make some of my lectures more interesting. I should try though. I should take some classes. Good insight.

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