The Loneliness Intensifies

I heard that phrase tonight.  If there is something that scares an extrovert – I think it’s that.  Not only is the loneliness scary, but that fact that it can intensify is what gets me.

I know a few people that like being alone, but even they can get lonely sometime.  There are 2 things that stand out to me when I hear this phrase.

The first thing is loneliness is always triggered by something.  You can be alone and not feel loneliness.  What triggers loneliness is the feeling sorry for yourself that you’re alone.  You might not be able to recognize it, and then it hits you.  You’re lonely.

The second thing is that once you’re lonely, there are further triggers that can intensify it.  Most might be able to handle lonely for a bit, but what triggers feeling sorry for yourself that you’re alone?  I don’t know.  It’ll be different for everyone.

It is possible to be alone and not be lonely.  It’s intentional alone-ness.  It’s solitude.  If you’re going to be alone – do that.

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