My Student Identity

I miss my student identity.  Well, I miss the learning and the studying.

I don’t miss the deadlines.  I don’t miss paying for school.  I don’t miss studying and researching with expectations.  I don’t miss the drive up to the university.  I don’t miss needing to be in the library because I can’t get those books online.  I don’t miss standing in line for registration.  I don’t miss the fees for everything it seemed.  I don’t miss cafeteria food.  I don’t miss…..a lot of things.

I miss some professors.  I miss my classmates.  I miss the freedom that I had when I had a Student Identity.

Okay, so maybe I miss some things, and I don’t miss others.

To all of my students: Don’t miss out on your time as a student.  One day, you’ll long to be one once again – or at least some of it.  Either way – don’t miss out on the identity right now and enjoy as much of it as you can.

One thought on “My Student Identity

  1. I miss being a student sometimes, too! There’s a little voice in my head telling me to keep going, but there’s a bigger voice in my head that’s looking at the $$. I wish it was more affordable to stay a student.

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