Unburden Yourself

I heard this phrase today.  It was used to refer to having to share some information with someone because it would be a burden to hold on to this idea or secret that no one knows.  Sometimes, it’s just too much that you can’t help yourself – you have to unburden yourself by giving someone else this juicy information.

In a world where we tweet and update everyone in the world on everything that we do, we no longer can be burdened to just keep things to ourselves.  The ease of sharing this information makes it such a heavy burden to hold on to ideas.  We are just so burdened with information.

So if you think about it, Facebook and Twitter helps relieve burden.  No way can we just hold on to things.  We have to tweet it.

If you are truly burdened, but you don’t quite want to tell anyone – you could always post a secret.  Have you seen that?  I’ll let you figure it out.  Either way, these are the times to unburden yourself.

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