Hanging Out With Doctors

Have you ever seen the Big Bang Theory tv show?  Who’s your favorite character?  Sheldon?  Howard? Leonard? Rajesh? Penny? Amy? Bernadette? Is there anyone else that I didn’t write down that might be your favorite?

It’s a show that we watch.  We’ll even watch old episodes that we’ve seen again.  It’s such a funny show.  We love it.  I found myself laughing at an episode that I had seen a few times already, but it still made me laugh.  I don’t know if that has anything to do with how good the show is or maybe it says something about my sense of humor.

Here’s the insight that I want to let you know though – I’ve hung out with many doctors.  I have a doctorate myself.  Okay, so it’s not in physics or engineering or biology or neuroscience like the doctors in the Big Bang Theory.

Here’s the deal though.  It’s fun to hang out with doctors – especially really good ones, but somehow that show has made it seem like it’s totally a good time.  Don’t get me wrong, lots of great conversation can happen, but it’s never as fun as it’s depicted on the show.

I know tons of smart people, but they never do anything as fun as what Sheldon or Howard does.  Maybe that’s just my experience, but if you’re with that many doctors – it’s not as adventurous as it might seem.  Maybe I’m hanging out with the wrong doctors.  Are you a fun doctor?

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