Ask For Directions

Seriously, how did we ever did it before our smart phones? Remember that one time when we were lost and we had to stop somewhere to ask someone for directions? Yeah, I am not sure when I did that last. I used to have this huge honkin’ atlas in the back of my truck. I used to have a Thomas Guide for LA when I lived there.

I was thinking about this. It’s a good thing that we have hundreds and thousands of friends because we aren’t that skilled at talking to strangers much these days. It’s crazy – this notion of ‘strangers.’ But back to the asking for directions thing – it just doesn’t seem like we even know how to do that these days.

Luckily, Google is our friend. You don’t ever need to ask a stranger for directions ever again because Google – our friend can – get us there. Google can tell us who’s there and show you pictures of the place – before you even get there. We never need to ask for directions any more – just ask Siri.

Of course, you’ll get a ticket for doing so while you’re driving but that’s another post.


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