The Enjoying Part of Your Brain

We all have an enjoying part of our brain.  It’s the part of your brain that allows you to enjoy whatever it is that you’re doing.  I think the other part of your brain is the critical part of your brain.  When you’re thinking too much about something – it’s not possible to enjoy what it is that you’re doing.

Here’s the thing though – it’s not possible to turn off the critical part of your brain so that you can completely enjoy yourself.  It’s not a matter of stopping it, but learning to balance the activity in it.  You get better at this when you learn how to organize these activities in your brain.  You’ve never thought about that huh? Organizing the activities of your brain?  Maybe it’s everyday conversation with you, but that’s the work that you have to do.

Both sides work together all the time.  It is possible to break out of the way that you’ve organized these activities.  Make sense?

Do you know how to do this?  Help me out.  Let me know.

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