You’re Not an Expert Just Because You Read Someone’s Opinions

The truth hurts right?

I once had someone call me an expert on identity.  I quickly corrected them and told them that I am a specialist.  I know some things, but I’m definitely no expert.  I might know more than some people, but there are definitely many people that know more.  I read their work.  I’m not expert because I read their stuff.

The bigger issue here is the fact that that’s what we teach – to form our opinions by reading other people’s opinions.  If you want to develop your thinking in an area – read the good stuff.  If you want to be an expert – get into the primary resources first.  Be a critical thinker.  Learn how to research.  Cultivate an ability to consume and interpret the data.  Don’t just take someone’s word for it.

It’s interesting to me that we get our science and our facts from celebrities – not scientists. 

The thing is, we don’t know how to do that.  We are conditioned to click on link that captures our imagination or causes us to emotionally respond to it.  Too bad it’s more about getting the page view than really getting the facts.

But don’t take my word for it.  I’m not expert.

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