Nickname: White Chocolate

I had some speaking gigs this week.  One of the places that we went to, we met a guy.  His name was White Chocolate.  I think his real name was Tim, but I wasn’t sure.  I think I might had heard his real name once.  Not sure.

It made me think about identity – of course.  As soon as he pulled up and parked, people inside the building were already calling his name “White Chocolate.”  It was great.

You just have to hear him say a few words and you know how he got his name.  Evidently, he’s had ever since he was like in high school.

As I watched him and listened to him, I realize that nicknames give us great insight into identity.  If not our true identities, at least the ones we like to project.  If you’ve read any of my stuff, even projected identities give us some insight into what is going on with our true identities.

I don’t know White Chocolate well enough to know what insights his nickname might shed light on.  It definitely reveals things about us.  You know White Chocolate has a great sense of humor at least.  Check him out.  You’d really like him.  He’s such a nice guy.  You almost have to be with a Nickname: White Chocolate

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