Social Media Ineptitude

I wanted to write about the Facebook Creeper, but decided to title it Social Media Ineptitude.  It sounds nicer than creeper don’t you think?

If there is such a thing as a socially inept person – someone that’s just awkward in social situations, then there has to be social media ineptitude.  I’m talking to all of you Facebook Creepers and blog readers that are just not able to respond or reply or make your presence known – because you are Social Media Inept.

Similar to the socially inept person in the face to face world, there are many reasons for why you can’t.  Many of those reasons are legitimate reasons for your social awkwardness.  You just carry it over to the social media world.

The thing about this post is that all the Facebook Creepers are just going to read this and have all sorts of attitude as they read it.  You might even tell me about it, but because you’re are Social Media Inept, you won’t comment on the blog or the Facebook status because you’re just a Creeper.

And that’s not a bad identity.  That’s part of the whole online interaction.  It allows you to say whatever you want, but it also allows you to read and be involved, but not make your presence known – because you are social media awkward.

The thing about writing this post is I have no idea who I’m talking to.  I know who reads my stuff because they comment or like it or talk about it with me.  So here’s a toast to all the Social Media Inept out there.  I salute you and thank you for reading.  I celebrate your awkwardness, and I understand why you don’t say anything on these posts.  I just wanted to give you a shout out.  Keep on keeping on.  

2 thoughts on “Social Media Ineptitude

  1. Interesting post. We often don’t know how many people are reading our blogs and just aren’t commenting for whatever their reason. Thanks for reminding me about that!

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