Make Meaning

I recorded a podcast today with my good friend Dr. Lisa Gates.  You can check out the episode next week when it comes out on the identitySHOW.  I can’t wait to listen to it again.  She studies identity and has done a lot of thinking in this area.  I learn so much about identity from her when I have conversations with her about it.

One of the things that I walked away with today was this idea that the process of identity has to do with how we make meaning out of the experiences and relationships in our lives.  It was an interesting concept to me.  She kept coming back to this idea that we make meaning in the context of others.  What a fascinating idea to me.

In trying to understand our identity and sense of self – we can do so when we are able to make meaning out of what happens in our life.

I need to listen to the conversation again to give you more about what it means to make meaning.  I’ll also post on here the link to the podcast when it comes out next week.

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