A Subjective Job

I heard someone talk about this today.  I don’t know that they would call it this, but I thought it was a great identity insight in light of the job that you do.

The way that they described a Subjective Job is that it is a job where you people can really, really like what you do and at the same time, others can really, really hate what you do.  A comedian for example can be completely loved or completely hated depending on the audience.  Any kind of artist creates subjective work.  These jobs or these identities lock you into to being liked and being not liked at the same time.  It’s subjective depending on the subject.

An objective job would be one of those jobs where what you do is not dependent on people liking it or not.  If you are a auto mechanic, you fix vehicles.  It either works or doesn’t work.  I guess people can like it if you can make their car work and if you don’t charge them too much.  I guess the prices can be subjective.  But in light of a subjective job, objective jobs are straightforward.  I tend to tease the engineers at my church that “good enough” isn’t in their job.  Everything is precise and accurate.  it’s either right or wrong.

Depending on your personality and how your process things – you should find a job that fits.  Some personalities would work best with a subjective job.  Others…..well, you get the picture.

What kind of job do you have?

I think I might have a job that is a pretty good hybrid of both.  I am a professor.  Students can like me or not like me, but they have to do the work to pass.

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