Deep Hurt

Every experience shapes and forms us. There’s no escaping it. All of our Deep Hurts have a powerful influence on our identity.

When you are conscious of your Deep Hurt, you react and respond to it accordingly. Some of us push it down. Some of us charge after it head on. We all deal with it in some way. Some deal with it right away, and some wait. No matter which way you attack it, it shapes you.

There is a powerful thing that happens with Deep Hurts. There are triggers that tap into our Deep Hurts. When someone or something taps into that – they hurt us deeply – and sometimes unconsciously. You can be deeply hurt with a side glance or a furrowed brow. It doesn’t take much, but the right thing or the wrong thing can tap into that. And you will react to it – most times subconsciously – where you don’t even know that you lash out.

It becomes so much a part of who we are that it’s normal and we don’t even pay any attention to it. It’s a natural response that will illicit a response.

You can reform and reshape Deep Hurts – it’ll then reform and reshape your identity.

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