The 30 App Rule

So I set up a new phone today.  It’s such a blessing to set up a new phone because it gives me an opportunity to start over.  There are 2 kinds of apps – life giving apps (the kind that make you life much simpler and helps you to live it much deeper) and life sucking apps (the kind that takes life away from you).   I don’t know if I can do it, but I’m going to try and invoke the 30 App Rule.  If you see me, you can ask me how many I have.

I am not counting all of the apps that Apple adds on that I won’t ever use (ibooks, passbook, or the stocks widget).  They don’t count.  I’d get rid of them if I was able to.  They just sit in a folder called, Folder of apps that I wish I can delete.

I might even be able to live with 25, but I am not going to have more than 30 on my phone.  That means – only one social networking app – okay – maybe 2, but that’s it.  Any life sucking app won’t make the cut.  We’ll see.

How many apps do you have on your phone?

One thought on “The 30 App Rule

  1. I have an Android phone and I have about 60+ apps that I have downloaded. Some of them are things like Foursquare, Facebook, Twitter and the like, then I have my Banking app and some horoscope ones for fun when bored and 2 games (Jewel something-or-other and Words With Friends) and LoL Maker (I take some funny pics at time), Instagram and a few others. Of course I use WordPress app on my phone and Google Mail, Voice and Maps which is VERY useful.

    I try to stay away from too many games and what not. But for the most part I have fun on my phone and do not feel that it sucks my life.

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