Mature with the Artist

This idea came awhile ago. I’ve been sitting on this draft for almost 3 months.

I first heard the idea on a podcast. The idea is that when an artist releases their first album and it just sells like crazy – people fall in love with this “brand new idea to them” from the album. They love the songs and the passion that comes from the artist and the music. They connect with it on a soul level, but while it might be a new idea to them, the artist has been living this idea for years – sometimes all of their lives.

They the artist is forced to create a sophomore album in less than a year – not nearly as long a time as they had to write the first album and typically it doesn’t go so well.

They keep making albums and it becomes more and more about the art and less about the corporate interests that sells the art.

All this time time – the artist is maturing. The people hearing the music is staying the same – longing for more of what they first came up with – the stuff that took their lives up to that point to make.

You see it happen time and time again. Artists and bands get less popular as they start to mature and return back to their art. You notice that there are tons of bands making a comeback – playing their old stuff. People love it and they can make tons of money off of these old songs.

We as listeners and fans don’t mature with the artist.  You’ll hear fans complain about how the artist has either sold out or they aren’t doing songs like they used to write.  Quite simply, they haven’t had enough time, but the bigger reason is that we haven’t matured with the artist.

2 thoughts on “Mature with the Artist

  1. I have been writing about music off and on from doing zines (yes ones printed on actual tree flesh), and online for years. Fans do complain a lot and I agree with you, perhaps it is that they (the fans) haven’t been able to mature with the band due to creative/listening timelines, or what have you.

    And the whole “selling out” thing, well that just annoys the hell out of me to hear that. Personally I want a band to “sell out” because that means they are making money at what they love…and that in turn means the fans have a higher chance of getting to hear more from these bands!

    Anyway sorry for babbling….

    1. What is it about the fans that don’t complain? Since you do some writing in this area – what characterizes someone that matures with an artist? Can you pinpoint it? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for reading.

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