What I Want to Be

I write about what I want to be.

You might read some of my stuff and think that I speak out of experience – and for the most part, I write about things that I have seen and experience.  More often then not, I’m a writing about what I want to be.  I’ll write about having identity all developed, but I know that I am in identity development myself.  I can write about the process.  I can write about what the end product should be.  I can write about what I want to be, but I understand that I am not there.  Doesn’t mean that I can’t write about it.

What it does for me is that it allows me to articulate this thing that I want to be.  What it does for me is it provides me some accountability for what I want to be.  What it does is that it gives me a picture of where I want to be – because I know where I am.  Writing about where I want to be gives me perspective of where I am.

I know it’s a such a simple idea, but keep in mind that when you read about process and development – the people writing about that stuff aren’t always there themselves.

2 thoughts on “What I Want to Be

  1. Good writing, Lem. You hit the nail on the head. I, too, write from a perspective of what I’d like to be, or what I’d like to see – writing with hopeful eyes. It is indeed simple, but simple things can be profound!

    1. Thanks for the comment Tim. I’d like to read more of your stuff. It really does help and keep you accountable when you write from this perspective.
      Hopefully, people understand this when they read it. Hopefully, they don’t think that I have it all together already. I’ll be the first to tell you that I don’t.
      It’s always so great to see your name Tim.
      I’m hanging out with Stratton tomorrow afternoon. It’ll be so good. Hope that you’re doing well.

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