Still Thankful

I have this thing – it’s more a question than anything. But as Americans (I really don’t know how it is elsewhere) – we celebrate things on the day. And that’s it.  It’s like we’re more thankful for Thanksgiving.  We are nicer for Christmas.  And Easter – we set aside this one Sunday as somehow more special than any other Sundays.

I usually will post this after Christmas and Easter – but the day after – I’ve been known to post – “still celebrating Christmas” or “still celebrating Easter.” Mainly cause Christmas should be everyday.  Easter should be a lifestyle.

Imagine how different your life would be if you celebrated your birthday and celebrated yourself everyday.

So I’m still thankful.  For my friends and family that love me cause I know how many family and friends I have hurt in the past. I’m thankful that I get to do what I do – cause I definitely don’t deserve the opportunity and I know I’m not perfect.  I am still thankful today – just because it’s the day after thanksgiving.

And I’m thankful that you read this post.  I’m thankful for you – even though I might not know you.

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