More Insight into a New Way of Being

I don’t write long posts.  I wrote about a New Way of Being.  As I write this – we are still in that “quarantine and starting to re-open” phase. I keep the posts short and just work out the info – but I don’t spend much time explaining. My hope is that it just sparks something in you – and honestly – I’m just blessed that it just gets read and seen.

A few days ago – my friend Steve Dang and I recorded a conversation about the post.  Steve had a few questions about the post and we recorded the conversation.  It sparked an idea for a strategy to slowly re-enter into relationships and community in his church.  He’ll explain it.  Here is the video that he created of our conversation.  It was meant for his community – but I wanted to share all of it.

Thank you Steve Dang for the conversation and the video.  Here’s the video of us talking about a few more details, and I’d love to share it with you here.  Please let me know your thoughts and questions?



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