This is the focus of my research.  Identity formation in online enviornments.  I’m interested in the Jamesian “I” and “me”; Erikson’s identity formation; Marcia’s identity statuses; the real or essential self and the projected or functional self.  Identity can be formed, conformed, or transformed, but we all have one.

I will organize identity posts already on the blog here so that you will have a place to easily find posts on identity:

Michael Jackson’s Identity Formation 2 07.07.09

Michael Jackson’s Identity Formation 07.02.09

My Ideas are not I, my Ideas are Me 05.27.09

Be Unique, but Belong 05.20.09

10 Session Seminar 05.19.09

Identity Science and Art 05.19.09

Sculpting Analogy – break down 05.16.09

Identity Sculpture 05.15.09

Identity Construction 05.14.09

Constructing Identity 05.07.09

Inner and Outer 04.27.09

Teleios – Free writing Exercise 04.25.09

Create Me 03.31.09

Some of me – All of me 03.23.09

Exploration and Commitments 03.19.09

New Identity 02.18.09

4 thoughts on “Identity

  1. Thank you for the link. I would not quite consider myself an expert, but maybe one day. I’ll watch the video tomorrow. You never know what might spark the idea that might tie it all together. Thank you Maria.

    1. I watched the video. It was pretty good. I quite enjoyed it. I do have to say – Those were the same starting places that I started 5 years ago when I started looking into this stuff. Since my is in education – my research is really an integration of a bunch of disciplines. I’d love to share some of it with you. In the video – they ask a bunch of questions, and I think I’ve got some of the answers – well my research does.

      Inherent in social science research is the asking questions and figuring out the problems, but not necessarily doing anything with it. So they’re trying to make connections and asking questions, but not always doing anything practical with the research. Anyway, let’s talk about it sometime. Thanks for the post and the video. I’m definitely going to watch it again. Have a great night.

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