The Way Fam Podcast

This podcast is one of my favorites.  So much so that they get their own page on my blog.  I have had Zach and Hanna as students when they were in college.  Their conversations range from cooking recipes to adventures in the woods.  They share quite a bit about their identity journey and are hungry to figure out and learn more about their becoming. You should definitely check it out.

I have been on the Way Fam podcast twice now.  Check out Episode 20 where we talk about Identity Formation & Social Media.  I create a post for some supplemental information about identity formation from Episode 20.   The 2nd time on there should be Episode 39.  Maybe they’ll have me on every 20 episodes or so.  You can get the show notes on page, but I wanted to make it easy to find blog posts that I’ve written about what we talked about.


Here’s a post that I wrote about Nicholas Carr’s book The Shallows

Here is a link to Carr’s article from the Atlantic “Is Google Making Us Stupid?”

If you would like to read Marshall McLuhan’s book Understanding Media: The extension of man – then here’s the pdf for it.