Almost Died

Have you ever experience – “I should have died.” I’m talking – looking at dying.
Ten years ago yesterday, I “Almost Died.” The reason I almost died was a car accident where my head went through my car windshield. I fractured my forehead and my frontal sinus – a plate on the other side of your forehead that basically holds the brain in. I know I almost died, but I had everyone in the hospital telling – you’re so lucky-you should have died. Not really something that you necessarily want to hear when you’re laying there in a hospital bed waiting for surgery. I can’t tell you how many times I heard that when I was there. When the Dr. walks in and he gasps – you know you’re in bad shape.

That was 10 years ago. I can’t even believe it. Since then, so much has happened, but that was such an important part of my journey. It was very formative for me. It answered so many questions, but it also gave me some direction that my soul longed for.
I’m thankful for it. People came to know the Lord because of it. I’d experience it again just for that. I’d never wish it on anyone, but what a great experience to be alive.

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