10 Session Seminar on Identity Formation

I am getting ready for a 10 week seminar on Identity Formation in Online Spaces at a church in the area for parents of teens.  It’s focused on my research and helping parents understand the formation process of their teens and students in online spaces.  I hope to give them categories to help explain identity formation, but then I also will equip them to be proactive about identity sculpting.  Here’s the tentative 10 session schedule.  What am I missing?  What are your thoughts?  Help me shape it? Objective: To explain and help parents understand the identity formation of their teens and then to equip them to help their form their student’s identity.

Objective: To explain and help parents understand the identity formation of their teens and then to equip them to help their form their student’s identity.

Session One: Overview of Identity Formation
– Provide overview of Identity Formation – the Science of Identity (theory) and the Art of Identity (practice); provide biblical foundation; overview of online presence

Session Two: Biblical and Theological Foundation
– Teleios; Romans 12:1-2

Session Three: Theoretical Foundations for Identity Formation
– Jamesian, Eriksonian, and Marcia; Crisis; Exploration and Commitment

Session Four: Identity Statuses-Marcia
– Achievement; Foreclosure; Moratorium; Diffusion

Session Five: Online Spaces and Social Media
– Social Communities; IM; Blogs; Gaming; MMORPG etc.

Session Six: Socially Constructed Selves
– Impact of social interaction and relational experiences on identity constuction

Session Seven: Identity Sculpting
– Michelangelo; Proactive sculpting of identity; Sculpting tools

Session Eight: Guiding Exploration and Encouraging Commitment
– Tools for Exploration and Commitment; Creating an environment conducive for Identity Sculpting

Session Nine: Your Identity Formation
– A challenge to the parents about their identity formation; they cannot form unless they are formed themselves; Creating community of Sculptors

Session Ten: Celebration
– A summary of Identity Science and Identity Art

Explicit Curriculum: To teach the theoretical constructs of identity formation and to empower them to sculpt identity (Science and Art)
Implicit Curriculum: To engage their students: to give them categories and help explain to them (theoretically) how they are interacting with their student.
Hidden Curriculum: To develop a community of parents that lean on each other and disciple each other through the development of their teens.

I hope to enter into their stories, but more importantly create that space where they can enter into each other’s stories.  I’m going to create an interactive website/blog for them to share their stories and find community as they develop their sculpting skills.  I can set it up so that someone can facilitate the community and the interaction.  I want to start the conversation, but I want them to all enter into it – both online and face to face.

Ultimately, I want to help them with identity formation, but also help them help each other.

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