Identity Science and Art

As I continue to process through Identity, I face the challenge of many of the social science research that I read.  In my opinion, Social Science research is interested in researching how something works or happens.  They attach numbers to an experience or a feeling and then crunch the numbers and look for comparisons and correlations.  Social Science informs and provides the basis for the theoretical constructs behind a thing.

How do I take the theoretical stuff and make it practical?  How do I take the Science of Identity (theory and research) and do the Art of Identity (practical and the construction)?

I am exploring Identity Science and Identity Art.  The theoretical constructs have been written by people much smarter than I, and I’m sure there’s some stuff out there that actually uses the theory to make something – program something – teach something.

If you read a few of my past posts – they’ve been about Identity Sculpting.  How can I sculpt identity?  How can I integrate Michelangelo’s philosophy of sculpting the form (identity) that’s already in the block of marble?  How can I free it?  I want to – from the the theoretical constructs – provide the tools for Identity Sculpting.  Once you create the context for identity formation to transpire, it is possible to chip away at all the things that are not a part of the sculpture.  I am working on the tools and the chisel and the hammers needed to sculpt away.

There are many Identity Scientists, but it’s time to create Identity Artists.

One thought on “Identity Science and Art

  1. Lem I think you can help me out with this; I really don’t know what I want right know, though I’m having these little plans in my minds and I’m struggling with my job right now (to the point that I’m not functioning enough). I’m not sure if I’m just being bored with my life or I just can’t able to identify myself/what I want to do right now?? Help me Dr.I.S…:)

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