Leaders are the Brand

Tom Peters Essentials: Leadership.  Point 46 in The Leadership 50 is Leaders are the Brand.  I love that the “uber guru” suggests that “brand is a character issue.”  Programs support the brand, but the leader defines the brand.  The people that follow leaders look at the way you spend your time.  You will live or die…as Leader…by the degree to which…Your Calendar…Reflects Your Brand Priorities.  

We all as leaders live out our brand, but I guess the question is, “is it a great brand?”  Whether we know it or not, we are living a brand.  We are selling a product.  We are providing a service.  Is it a good one?  Is it a great one?  Doing the work to define the brand – according to the “uber guru” – finds its foundation in character formation – it’s expression in your calendar – and its flesh in your influence.  

Tom Peter’s Summary of 46:

1. You = Your Calendar.

2. You = The Brand.

3. Ergo … The Brand = Your Calendar.

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