Michael Jackson’s Identity Formation 2

I just watched a little bit of the Michael Jackson tribute.  I just turned it on, in the middle of it.

They just played a clip of Michael saying, “I want to be known as a person, not just as a personality.”  Oddly enough, it was just followed by a person that just said that Michael had 2 personalities.

Off stage, he was this quiet and shy person.  His persona off stage was unassuming and laid back – according to the show.

On stage, he was a master.  In fact, the speaker said that he wasn’t just the king of pop, he was the greatest entertainer.  He was definitely a different personality on stage – but the person is still the same.  It is possible to have 2 personas as long as the Self and the Person is able to integrate those personas.

Michael seemed to be trying to figure out that balance and that integration of the differing personas that he and that we all play out.  Learning how to do that-that’s the challenge that we all face.  What a vivid picture of identity formation playing out – boldly and publically.

2 thoughts on “Michael Jackson’s Identity Formation 2

  1. Almost everyone that talked about him talked about 2 Michaels. The one that you know and the one that those that knew him know. The Weird one and the Normal one.
    The news guy put it best when he said – at this point, we only remember one Michael.

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