LL5: Making it up

I like reading Seth Godin’s blog. He wrote one today that makes total sense to me. He posted today about Making it up as you go along the way. That was the title, and then he writes – Just wondering: is there any other way to make it up. That’s all that he writes.

Here’s the leadership lesson in that – it’s true. Leadership requires you to make decisions. People look up to you in leadership because you lead them and in turn they look to you for guidance and wisdom. Many times, you don’t have all the information. There are times when I am asked to make a quick decision, and they need it before I have all the information to make a good decision. Now, it’s always better to make a decision with as much information as you can gather, but there are times when you make decisions and you kinda have to make it up.

But even when you don’t feel like you have all the information – even when you feel like you’re making it up – there’s a sense of that that isn’t true. It may look like I’m making it up, but as the leader, I have more information than those that work for me. It may only seem like I’m making it up, but I can gather what information I have and make it up. I’m in that position for a reason, and I use reason to make a decision.

The big struggle for me is that sometimes I don’t trust my ability to make it up – even though I just said that it happens all the time and that it really isn’t making it up. The lesson for me is learning to trust my ability to make it up.

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