I listened to a talk by Ben Dunlap and the wonderful First of all, you need to check out the talks on You can download them to itunes fairly easily. Look up my profile of my favorites so far.

Ben Dunlap did a great job sharing and telling these stories. He’s quite brilliant and is articulate. I’d like to be able to share stories like he shares them.

Here is the link to the video from –

Here is my comment that I left there –
As an educator myself, I appreciate Dr. Dunlap. He has an interesting speaking style, and the accent was very interesting. All the eccentricities aside, the main point about being passionate about learning came through. It is especially inspiring when you yourself share that insatiable curiosity, that irrepressible desire to know not matter what the subject – no matter what the cost….it is this inextinguishable, undaunted appetite for learning and experience.
The ability to demonstrate and then deliver something so moving is pretty amazing. I listened to him 3 times in a row. The story and the storyteller were equally amazing. I’d like to be able to share stories and articulate ideas like Ben Dunlap.

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