Need Drama

I have this theory that everyone needs drama in their life.

I don’t have real theory to back it up.  I haven’t really looked for it, but it seems to me that everyone needs drama.  Everyone has drama in their life.  No one has a perfect life – well, let me rephrase that, I don’t have a perfect life.  My life is full of drama.  There seems to be this innate desire to want drama in our lives.  We all need drama in our lives.  We all have drama in our lives, but I guess the difference is the type of drama that we have in our lives.

We all have varying degrees of drama in our lives.  But what I have noticed is that you can either fill your life with your own drama or you can fill you life with the drama of others.

I’ve seen varying degrees of both of these types.  The type that I’ve seen most is when someone fills their life with the drama of other people.  For whatever reason, they fill their lives with other people’s business.  Do you know someone like that?  They not only have opinions about how other people live their lives and even lives their lives for them.  I’ve seen people get so involved in other poeple’s drama that they don’t deal with their own.  In fact, their own drama is typically much bigger than other poeple’s drama, but since they are living other people’s drama, they never deal with their own – so they delve deeper into other people’s drama.

I have also seen people that just focus in on their own drama that they retreat into it and they don’t ever engage with anyone.  They so focus on their own drama that they are never able to deal with people.

As I write this, I am trying to resolve in my mind what the best course of action is.  I guess it all depends on your personality and your experience.  I think I like a balance of my drama and other people’s drama, but I think I like more of my own drama.  I got enough of my own to deal with other poeple’s drama, but if it’s an escape to not deal with mine – I definitely do that.

I guess this is my drama for today.

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