World of If 2

So I posted about the World of If 02.19. Click on the red to read it, and if you don’t, it’s it basically talks about living in a hypothetical world. Some live in this hypothetical world of if-living in a make believe world-a world that isn’t real at all.

I was thinking about that post yesterday. There is a another world of if that I was thinking about. It is this world of if that focuses on the possibilities. Whereas the first one was about living in a hypothetical world, this world of if deals with this idea of looking at the way that we think – to see if there’s a better way. This is about wondering what the possibilities are. This world of if and possibilities have provided the solution to theorems and inventions of so many things like the light bulb and a horseless carriage.

I wonder how many other World of Ifs there are. What if?

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