Your thoughts about your thoughts

It was such a surreal experience – to think about your own thoughts. I’m sure subconsciously that I’ve done that before, but yesterday I thought about my thoughts in a way that I had never realized.

I enjoyed it. It helped me to process through what I think about something. It is sounding so elementary to me – even as I write this, but I need to be conscious about thinking. One of my advisors told me that in my writing, that I need to set aside time to think. I set aside time to research. I set aside time to read. I set aside time to write, but I don’t set aside time to think. I think about things – but I don’t consciously think about my thinking.

What are your thoughts on my thoughts about my thoughts?

3 thoughts on “Your thoughts about your thoughts

  1. My thoughts of your thoughts on your thoughts about your thoughts is that it’s wonderful! 🙂 That truly is something that we tend to forget to do. It also sounds really fun and enlightening.

  2. Fully agree Lem… thinking about your thoughts can open up a whole new world of thinking, especially when your thoughts start to lead you to understand where you thoughts come from or the reason behind them. Once we are consciously aware of our thoughts it certainly makes you very careful of what we say out loud from that thought. Focused thought + speech = power to change your life. Have fun with it and tell us what you discover…

    1. I was just getting ready to write a post about how Google has turned us into people that skim. We do not think deeply about – really anything because we are bombarded by so much noise – visual and auditory. Our Working Memory is so overworked that it impedes our ability to think deeply and contemplate. Why read a book when you can read a review of the book? You can watch a youtube video of the person talking about their book.
      Thanks for the comment. I’ll check out your blog as well.

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