Family Center of Focus

My sister in law is going to have a baby soon. We are so excited about it. It’ll be the first baby for my wife’s family. My wife is such an excited – aunt for Hazel. I am enjoying the festivities. I am enjoying the shopping for Hazel. I am enjoying the gifts, the furniture, the accessories of a baby. I am enjoying most of the conversation and I am enjoy the fact that it’s not yet me the most.

But ever the wanna be psychologist, I can’t help but think about Family Systems Theory that tells me the center of focus for the family will change. Hazel will become the center of it which is an awesome thing. I can’t wait to see how that will change the family. It will be so fun to watch Hazel run it all – well, it’s really going to be Candice that will be doing so.

Who’s the center of focus of your family?

One thought on “Family Center of Focus

  1. I think there is a pattern to new born babies. We as a people in general do exactly what you said, “it will be fun to watch Hazel run it all”. Where have real parenting skills gone to? It used to be a child was born and the world continued on now a child is born and our lives revovle around them. Its no wonder why we have a hard time getting young people to understand the relationship with Christ. We cater to this person for 18 years+ and give them what they need plus what they want and for them to think today to worship a great God like ours, Why? I am so understanding the things my genoration could have done better! I think Ward and June Clever had it right!

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