LL11: Name Your Price

I think I heard this phrase from someone that gave a talk year ago.  I use it as a leadership lesson because the line in between what you are willing to do and not do is quite thin.

On the one hand, you can’t know what you’re are willing to do and not do before you get there.  I think there is so much that experience can teach.  (I love the pithy quote – you can’t start a new experience with 5 years of experience).  When you’re in the middle of a stressful situation where you have to make some big decisions, that’s not the time to figure out whether you are willing to lead through it or not.  Before I get into hard decisions, I don’t want to have to figure out whether I want to be in that position at that time.

I used the phrase today.  It had to do with leadership – not necessarily leadership in a position, but leadership in a relationship.

According to Hugh MacLeod – this thin red line demarcates your sovereignty; that defines your own private domain.  The price you’re willing to pay – the control you’re willing to relinquish – is it your project or their project.  I love when Hugh says, “Knowing where to draw the red line is like knowing yourself or knowing who your real friends are.  Some people find it easier to do than others.  Life is unfair.”

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