Tribes by Seth Godin

Don’t buy this book.  Well, I bought it, but gave it away because it was so good.  I downloaded the audio for free.  I’m sure Seth wouldn’t like that I said to not buy the book since you can download it for free, but I’ve listen to the book over 10 times and he probably wouldn’t have a problem with it – first of all, because it’s still available for free (from site that he created  Click on the free to get it for free.

It’s a great book and provides a new paradigm for thinking about leadership, business, marketing, and so many other things.  There are so many great stories.  It’ll challenge you.  It’ll inspire you.  It’ll make you want to start a movement.  There are other videos that are all over the Internet of Seth sharing his ideas on Tribes.  He also has a social networking site – good luck getting in.

I’d love to hear what you think about it.  Download it and let me know.

Can it really be a book review if I didn’t read it?  I listened to it.

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