Fear and Faith

There is a relationship between fear and faith.  If you have fear, you don’t have faith and interestingly enough, if you have faith, there is no fear.

Fear leads to paralysis.  Fear leads to inactivity.  Fear leads to sitting around and not taking a chance because of the fear of risk and failure.  Fear holds you back.  Fear keeps you from action.  Fear keeps you from leaping into an exciting adventure.  Fear might make you feel safe, but being safe can be the riskiest thing that you can do for growth and development.

Faith leads to action.  Faith brings about change and challenging the status quo.  Faith makes you jump.  Faith gives you hope and that hope gives you a vision of what could be.  Faith can make your dreams a reality.  Faith brings about risk, but that risk can lead and will lead to amazing things.  Faith abandons the doubt and gives you your dreams.  Faith will cause the inability to diminish – I’d never make a statement about faith completely diminishing because no one is that amazing.  No one is full of complete faith, but having a little more of it might make the difference between amazing and just getting by.

I don’t really care what your dreams are, but I can tell you, if you have fear-they’ll never come true.  Faith-true faith will bring about awesome and amazing things.  I want to be about helping people have more faith – more faith in themselves – more faith in Jesus – more faith in the impossible.

What are you fearful of?

4 thoughts on “Fear and Faith

  1. Let me try this again:
    There is a balance somewhere in there between faith and holy fear. While we are instructed that we don’t have to live in fear, (woo hoo) there is a great paradox in a life of holy fear, or better, reverence for God and His will. In other words, I think great faith requires great fear/reverence in the holiness of God. The righteous fear comes in constantly orienting our lives toward His purposes rather than simply trusting in our own agendas. I know that’s pretty simple and reductionist, but I think that we have to grasp both. True faith requires a big view of God and a healthy fear of Who He is! Then jumping off whatever cliff He may have for us becomes pretty easy because we know we’re completely wrapped in His arms.

  2. I fear getting in a Motorcycle wreck, but I still ride. I’ve taken safety classes, I’ve tried to become more aware of myself and my surroundings. The fear is real, because there is real risk. The faith is real because despite my training, I am still not in control of what others see or how they will react.

    I think fear is going to happen, it is healthy to an extent. It becomes unhealthy when you are paralyzed, you never risk, you never invest, you always hold back. It is okay for your fears to be accurate as well. If you risk and fail – you’ll learn more in your failure than you will if hadn’t ever done anything in the first place. Now, don’t go take that comment to an extreme… use common sense.

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