Personal Branding = Functional Self

I just realized why I have enjoyed reading about personal branding so much.  I’ve been doing some reading on it – mostly for a course that I’m working on.  I have read books about it.  I’ve read blogs about it.  I’ve walked through a branding exercise and just recently talked to some marketing people about it.

The reason why I love it so much is because it deals with the development and the sculpting of the Functional Self.  For an explanation of the Functional Self, please click here and here.  Personal branding focuses on the projected sense of self – the one you project on to your profile, page, or blog.

I am working through Six Pixels of Separation, and I’ve also read this idea in a few other books and blogs.  These authors all talk about being honest – being honest with your brand – being honest with your product.  They talk about projecting a functional self that best represents the real self.  The reason why they are writing about is because it is natural for people to project a functional self that they want people to see and interact with – ergo “functional.”  In theory and in practice, people will project an incomplete sense of self, but you can kinda create yourself-you can kinda create a brand.  Mitch Joel in Six Pixels of Separation says that, “Your brand isn’t what you say it is, it’s what Google says it is.”  You have become what Google says you are, not what you say you are.

The theory does say though that even an incomplete self can still reveal though a little of the real self.  The self that you project is still you – even if it’s not completely true and that says something about you – even though I don’t know it.

4 thoughts on “Personal Branding = Functional Self

  1. Funny enough…I had a dream last night where I could hear someone’s thoughts…this was someone I have a romantic interest in…and they were going over in their mind that they weren’t so much attracted to my functional self but were instead attracted to my less functional self (those words exactly). I had no idea what that meant, wasn’t even sure if these were actual psychology concepts until I started looking for the phrases online. I finally found a good definition in this blog. They were attracted to my actual self, the inner one, that can’t be changed and not the one that I project, the one with self-esteem issues and what not. So…it’s a great confidence booster for me that my “less” functional self let my functional self know all of this in a dream!

    1. That is pretty amazing – in a dream no less. The actual self or the “less” functional self is your real self. I’m glad that it helped you make sense of some things. If you have any other questions, please let me know. If you do a search for “you” (actual self) and “me” (functional self) in my blog, you’ll see some other ideas. I try to keep my posts under a 200 words so if you need more explanation or if you have any questions, maybe I can blog post the answer. Just in case someone else needs to understand the functional self.
      The functional self is a representation of a part of you – but this person that you have a romantic interest in will have to want to be with all aspects of self.

      Thanks for checking it out.

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