LL16: Leadership of the Future

The leadership of the future will be different than the leadership of the past and even today.  I was watching a few presentations on the Harvard Business Review website.  It was fascinating to think about the leadership of the future.  There are lessons that I can be taught that are timeless, but what caught my attention was both the timeless lessons that will endure and the leadership lessons for the future.

The principles of leadership that are timeless caught me off guard.  The list of timeless leadership principles are as follows:

1. Integrity

2. Customer Satisfaction

3. Competitive Advantage

4. Communicating a Vision

Of the four timeless principles, the vision princple is the most “leadership-ish” principle.  The others have to do with what goes on on the inside (integrity) and then things that happen with people.  I love that the top quality was a character one – integrity.  Foundational to leadership is the character quality of integrity.   True leaders have integrity.  (I’m surprised at how many leadership books speak of being truthful, trustworthy, and consistent in your leadership).

The qualities of the leadership of the future are as follows:

1. Having the ability to think globally – leadership in the past was limited to regional and even national impact.

2. Appreciating cultural diversity – More and more the world is becoming culturally diverse and the ability to understand culture and diversity is a necessary leadership quality.

3.  The leader of the future needs to be technologically savy – they don’t have to become a technologist, but they have to know enough about the emerging technologies in order to hire great technicians.

4. Building alliances and partnerships – leaders are going to need to be able to collaborate with other businesses and leaders.

5. Sharing relationships – leaders in the past would tell, leaders of the future need to know how to ask (Drucker)

Leaders of the future are going to need to be ability to learn about a variety of things – culture, collaboration, technology, and how all of these interact with each other.  How am I preparing for leadership for the future?  How am I learning these lessons myself?  (other than the fact that I’m sharing it as one of my leadership lessons here).

For all of my Leadership Lessons.


  1. Thank you. I haven’t been doing this that long. I’m still trying to find my voice. I see that you’re all about Computers & Tech and maybe you can help me. What’s your blog? I’m Lem by the way.

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