LL17: Selling and Leadership

In leadership, you either have the power to make the decision or you have to sell it.  I don’t normally do my leadership lessons – the one’s that I’m learning – back to back, but I’ve been processing through so much of it lately.  I watched a bunch of talks yesterday.   Now, my field is education – not business, not marketing, not leadership – although I’ve taken courses in all of these things.  This lesson might sound so elementary for those in the field – but when someone at Harvard Business Publishing is teaching the lesson like not to many people get it – it caught my attention.

The basic principle is that in leadership you have the power to make decisions (for further info on power, check out a previous LL on power).  Leaders have power in their domains – much like the King.  Leaders make decisions that challenge the status quo and make change.

For everything that you don’t have the power to make decisions on, you have to sell.  You can still lead, make change, and challenge the status quo by selling your ideas to someone that does have the power to make those decisions.  Just because you do not have the power to make decisions does not mean that you still cannot make change.  The leadership lesson is to sell the idea – educate the one that can make the decision.  That’s leadership as well.  It’s not always about the King from up front.  Leadership can also be directed up.

I’m not a salesman, but I think I can learn how to sell ideas to make change and lead.  Can you teach me about selling and leadership?

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