What was Once Private is Now Public

On a recent flight, I was on a layover in DFW.  I had flown all morning.  You know that feeling where you’re so tired already, but you’re only halfway there – that’s what I was feeling.  I had tried to get wifi on my laptop but I wasn’t able to log on.  There was no entertainment, but because what was once private is now public, a woman was having a very, very private conversation out loud.  She might have wanted everyone to hear, but she was exposing all of the family issues and talking out loud so that everyone could hear.

What reminded me of this situation was another lady at the sushi bar that had her bluetooth ear piece at the bar.  She was talking so louldly at the restaurant.  She had this rather thick New Jersey accent and the attitude that went along with it.

What is it about the cell phone that makes us talk louder.  I mean, we are now having these private conversations in public and out loud because we can’t even hear ourselves.  It is no longer private.  Don’t get me wrong, I only heard one side of the conversation, but have you been around people on a cell phone that are just talking sooo loudly?  Anything that we put online is no longer private, but if we are just yelling it to the world on our cell phones, who cares right?

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