Without My Fans There is No Me

This is what I heard a celebrity say on the radio this morning.  In one sense, they recognize that they could not be in the situation that they are in if there were no fans.  I think that is just the life of anyone with celebrity (check this previous post out, and this as well).

Their identity is almost completely created by other people – their expectations, their ideas, their version of the person that the celebrity – needs to be.  I think it’s just the struggle for any artist.  How much of this is me?  How much of this is for my fans?  Would I be nothing without my fans?  How much do I do for my fans?

3 thoughts on “Without My Fans There is No Me

  1. I find it ironic that you’re asking about how much other people influence you and then directly below it it says “Rate This.” lol

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