Every Movie Lends Itself to Theological Conversations

This came up in a conversation yesterday.  I don’t even remember what movie we were talking about, but I think you can bring up all the doctrinal issues that come up in any movie.  Think about it.  It’s really just a story that’s being told, and every movie is based in reality.  What in life doesn’t deal with theology?

Can you help me by either pointing out a movie that doesn’t lend itself to a theological conversation or can you give you an example of this?

4 thoughts on “Every Movie Lends Itself to Theological Conversations

  1. i feel this way all the time! So i’m actually starting to write down all the ideas and places i see God in “secular” culture. One that i saw recently was in the movie 9. There’s these little robotic puppets, nine of them and each one has a unique aspect of their creator’s soul inside of them. and then at the end of the movie the soul of the creator is pretty much in every part of the world… really beautiful picture of God and even of this blog, that we are so tied up in our creator’s image that even in our rebellion and sin our creativity can’t help but reflect Him

  2. Kyle,

    I’d love to see your list when you’re done with it – or even when you’re in the process of coming up with stuff. The heavens declare the glory of God. He is everywhere. What a great idea that we can still reflect Him even in light of all the mess.

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