In Google We Trust

It is the first place that many people go.  Google answers.  It has an opinion.   It’s a search engine that sooo many people rely on.  When you pray to the Google god, there’s always an answer.  The answer is trusted – Google said it.

There are those that worship other search engines, and that’s trying to be the next Google, but Google is the next Google.  Wait till Google Wave comes out.

I was doing some reading this morning and realized that we typically go to Google first for answers.  There’s no need to learn anything any more as long as you can Google it.  We Google everything, and Google is buying everything up – okay, so maybe not everything, but they are growing.  Why do we trust Google so much?  I was reading about this idea of trust – and the technologists and geeks are asking the questions and tell me about trust.  Trust has changed because the medium has changed.  Have we learned to trust blindly?

Do a search for “In Google We Trust” – in Google of course, and see what other people are saying.  I think I’m more interested in the way that Google has changed the way that we think and process information.  We can just Google it.  I am not sure how I feel about the whole trust thing or that Google has become the diety that we go to first.

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