Fantasy Football Identity

I’m not sure what I really want to say about this, but when you ask someone how they are doing and they answer you with their standing in their fantasy football league – there’s definitely an identity that is playing itself out in it all.

I think that it’s perfectly normal to live in both a fantasy world and reality.  People have been doing it for forever.  They used to have walking trees and alternate universes through a wardrobe, but now it’s about identifying (there’s the identity word) with a made up team of professional athletes – seeing if YOU win.  It almost doesn’t matter how the team – the real team does.  It’s all about how MY player does this day.

Last weekend, I was at a wedding.  At the hotel that we were at, there was another wedding.  The nearest restroom was in the lobby, and as I was walking out, the groom and his groomsmen of the other wedding party was walking in the restroom as I was walking out.  I waited outside for my wife, and as the groom and groomsmen were walking out of the restroom – the groom wanted to sit down at the lobby computer to check how his fantasy team was doing.  The GROOM wanted to check his team during his own wedding.

I’m not against fantasy football, but I’m fascinated by how the fantasy becomes real.  What do you think?

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