Family Identity

My wife has half siblings – a brother and twin sisters.  We haven’t spent much time with them.  They came to our wedding, and Candice’s wedding.  We went to their mom’s wedding, and have hung out with them a few times beyond that.  Haven’t hung out with them more than a handful of times, but they are family.  I love all of them as if I’ve known them for forever.  They are family.  They are a part of my life, and love them all.  Billy and Megan live in California with their grandparents (actually, Billy is on his own), and Mallory lives in Florida with her mom.  I got to hang out with Mallory yesterday, and she looks so much like Danielle.

Because they all had the same dad as my wife, in many ways they all look like her.  They are all built like Danielle.  Seeing Mallory yesterday was what it would have been like to see and know Danielle years before I met her.  It was so awesome to hang out with Mallory.  It was like having a little sister all over again.  I love that girl.

It’s amazing to me that I feel a strong sense of family and love for them – even though I haven’t hung out with them.  I have identified them as family.  There’s nothing I can do to not make them family.  They’re stuck with me.  The bond of family is strong.  They are a part of my life.  They are a part of my identity.  I have a half-sister in law that lives in Florida.  She’s pretty awesome.

Here’s a picture of her.  Check out how much she looks like DC.

Mallory and Lem

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