Trust Agents

Using the web to build influence, improve reputation, and earn trust.  This book was the inspiration for a previous post entitled The Geeks are In.  Find them.  You’ll like them.  @ChrisBrogan and @Julien.

Trust Agents is a pretty easy read.  In it you will find stories and examples of how you can build trust and your reputation online.  They give you practical things to do – I think a hallmark of Geeks.  It is not too theoretical, and being a Nerd myself, I am thinking about the research and theory behind their ideas.  I guess you have to read the previous post about Geeks to understand what I mean by that.

They give 6 principles and weave it throughout the book.  Here are the 6 principles – you’ll have to read the book or message me for more.

1. Make Your Own Game

2. One of Us

3. Archimedes Principle

4. Agent Zero

5. Human Artist

6. Build an Army.

Throughout all of these principles, they give actionable steps that they give you right there.  They haven’t given steps and practices that they haven’t done for themselves.  They give real life experiences that work.

This book is perfect for someone new to developing their personal brand online.  I am learning how to do this myself, but Chris and Julien have been doing this for years.  If you are interested in your online presence, and making a difference in the lives of people and your business, this is the book for you.

For more information about the book – click here.

Chris, Julien – did I represent the book fairly?  Just was wondering if you guys will come across my review.  Thanks guys.

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