HARO Email

I get an e mail 3 times a day from HARO – Help a Reporter Out.  It’s an e mail that gets sent out with 15-30 requests from journalists that needs a source.  The following paragraph started the Friday afternoon email.  I thought it was interesting.  If you want to check out the website, it’s helpareporter.com

Rule #1 on the Internet: If your clients can’t find you,
you will GO AWAY. Today’s end users are using internet
communities and social media to gather information and
advice when making their buying decisions. The Social
Media Marketing Kit – http://3.ly/zV2 – from HubSpot
teaches you how to utilize the new trends in social media
to attract more leads to your company, connect with prospects
online, and convert them into customers. Learn why social
media is necessary for your business success and how to measure
the ROI from your online marketing efforts. HubSpot –http://3.ly/GqO
is a marketing software provider and thought leader in the new wave of
internet marketing.

I love the first line.  If your clients can find you, you WILL GO AWAY.  Interesting.

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