LL22: Make the Decision

Having the ability to make decisions is a great leadership skill to have.  This idea is a similar to LL5, but different in that not as much gets done in indecision.

I was talking to someone yesterday about change at the institution.  I challenged them to make a difference; to be about the change.  Sitting around complaining about how it isn’t does not necessarily lead to change.  Being a grump just moves people further and further away from making change.  Choosing to complain and in essence do nothing about it is a decision.

The ability to make decisions takes hubris.  The ability to make decisions requires engagement.  The ability to make decisions necessitates vision.  The ability to make decisions is something that one decides to do.

I originally read the idea on Seth Godin’s blog a few days ago.  Here’s the post.  He says to make 3 decisions – just read his post to see what he means.

I decided to repost it, but then also make it one of my lessons that I’m learning about leadership.  Now, I get that some personalities tend to accommodate other’s perspectives and desires, but you can still decide to make decisions.

You are now faced with the decision – to make decisions.

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