The Holy Spirit Gets the Shaft

Sounds like a headline for a newspaper article, but there’s something about the inconsistency that we as Christians sometimes demonstrate.

Yesterday, I was praying with a friend.  We were praying that the Holy Spirit might help illuminate our minds and hearts on some things.  When I prayed, I prayed directly to the Holy Spirit and asked Him to reveal.  My friend prayed to God to ask the Holy Spirit.  Don’t get me wrong – honestly – intentional prayer to the Holy Spirit is a relatively new thing for me, and when I asked my friend about it, his response was honest.  It was not easy for him to pray directly through to the HS, and I know that he’s working on it.

It’s just so backwards right?  We as Christians hold to the Trinity – each person as God, and we won’t pray to the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit is the one that helps us in prayer, yet we don’t pray to Him.  He prays on our behalf, and even prays for us when we don’t even know what to pray for.  We get all Jr. High on God and ask Him to ask the Holy Spirit for us.

Most Christians would put God in Heaven and Jesus next to Him (another interesting idea seeing as we also would hold to the idea that God has the ability to be omnipresent), and where’s the Holy Spirit?  With us.  Walking along side of us.

Some of you are already thinking about this idea, and you might be formulating your argument – that’s fine.  We can sit and argue about it, or we can make a difference in the Kingdom.

Come by and let’s ask the Holy Spirit to move.

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