Reverse Mentor

I read this idea in a book recently – Vaynerchuk’s book.  It is this idea of the reverse mentor.  More and more, there is an opportunity for the younger generation to teach an older generation how to navigate social media.

It is something that the younger generation has grown up with.  It is a world that they know how to navigate and live in easily and naturally.  It’s a great place for them to be in – a place where they know a little more than their parents and even grand parents.  More and more you are seeing advertisements on these social media platforms.  I know of a church that is fully Facebook integrated.  They do all of their communication via social media.  They are going to where the people are, because there are millions there. I’m not saying that we disregard the traditional means of communication, but more and more, the younger generation have an opportunity to mentor those that are older that don’t quite know how to navigate something so easy in their world.

So if you are reading this – and it doesn’t matter what generation you identify yourself with – if you are able to help people have a presence in social media help them.  If you are younger and someone older asks – help them.  Help your mom – even if she’s the last person you want on there – do it.  If you are older, allow someone younger to reverse mentor you.  Get in the game.

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